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Ville Vesterinen

30 August 2022 min read

Today we are incredibly excited to launch Housecat globally for anyone interested in getting access to the best Web3 investment strategies.

For many, access to the best Web3 strategies is limited due to their technical nature in a very fast-moving industry. We built Housecat to solve this.

Housecat 1.0 is an open-source infrastructure and a platform that allows users to mirror the trades and DeFi actions of other participants. What this means is that you can choose the most promising and interesting Web3 investors that you believe in and Housecat will automatically help you invest in everything they are investing in. You don’t need to know the best strategies since you can pick the people who you believe do and invest with them. If you’re interested to learn more about how the protocol works, you can read our latest blog post on mirror trading.

We’re first building on Polygon and will start out with the tokens that have the most liquidity. The smart contracts will be decentralized and trustless in line with the best DeFi protocols.

To use the product, it’s really quite simple. Go to, connect your MetaMask wallet, choose an interesting profile whose investments you’d like to mirror, choose your investment amount, and Housecat does the rest automatically.

If you’d like to construct a portfolio for others to mirror, just invest in a list of tokens we support in your chosen DEX. You can do this outside of Housecat using your own MetaMask wallet. After you’ve connected your wallet to Housecat, you can set your management and performance fees, and start earning money for yourself and everyone who mirrors you.

Web3 will create new and exciting models for democratizing all asset management. Today, Housecat takes us a little closer to a world where anyone can access the best investment strategies while at the same time, a pseudonymous teenager can have more assets under management than Goldman Sachs.

Head to Housecat, give it a try and let us know what you think.

Ville Vesterinen

Founder & CEO

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