Housecat Launches on Polygon in August

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07 July 2022 min read

Housecat is shifting gears towards a public launch on the Polygon Mainnet next month. We are currently welcoming active personas in the community to be the first portfolio managers on our platform! We also welcome everyone to join our growing waitlist and be the first to try our crypto portfolio marketplace.

Building the decentralized portfolio mirroring protocol

In our previous blog post, Housecat founder Ville Vesterinen shared our vision of building open-source tech to empower anyone to manage a portfolio. Today, we’ll be diving more into how Housecat launches and who should be interested in getting involved.

Housecat is a crypto portfolio marketplace, where everyday investors can subscribe to a portfolio, and have their wallet copy a strategy from a specific portfolio. Similar to traditional asset management, creators can charge their subscribers a management and performance fee, that are paid on a regular basis. Housecat is excited to enable new behaviors and investing models, allowing anyone to subscribe to the most profitable investment strategies on autopilot.

Housecat not only democratizes the original model of traditional asset management but also innovates on top of its merits. We ideated Housecat on the notion of decentralization and came up with the concept of wallet mirroring. The Housecat wallet-mirroring protocol allows following a portfolio fully non-custodialy - giving investors full flexibility and control over their assets. Users on the platform will have full control of their assets and desired subscription timeframe.

New opportunity for creators

The upcoming launch of our portfolio marketplace will introduce new monetization opportunities to creators and influencers in the crypto community. Twitter users, YouTube influencers, and others can actively promote their activity and trades by demonstrating their real-time holdings.

Housecat enables the internet famous to make money through their long-term crypto theses. The current market cycle teaches us the importance of having a long-term outlook, which is why we’re calling portfolio managers who want to get the furthest, not the fastest. While we’re convinced there’s an enormous opportunity for short-term trading in crypto, Housecat is built for investors and portfolio managers who are here for the long run, navigating through cycles. We think this approach can provide a smoother sail for investors, and help strengthen performance.

Creating a portfolio on Housecat is almost too easy. Fees are set by the creator and charged automatically by the platform - saving the hassle of handling individual investors. For our service, we charge portfolio managers a straightforward 25% of all fees, as well as a 0.25% rebalance fee from subscribers.

Subscribe to a cryptocurrency portfolio on Housecat

Subscribe to a portfolio, anytime and anywhere

We believe investing should be easily accessible for everyone - Housecat is a solution for investors wanting to have their portfolio follow industry experts’ strategies. We’ve built a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to understand the process and invest at ease as if they're subscribing to Netflix.

Through our platform, anyone can connect their wallet and mirror the best strategies automatically. Assuming a creator opens up their strategy for everyone to subscribe - no accreditation gateways or capital minimums are required to get in. Investors can literally subscribe to a strategy with as little as 1 MATIC.

We build Housecat to not only be an investing tool but a place where people can track and share portfolios with their peers. Investors in the marketplace can link social accounts to their portfolios - showcasing proof of identity behind one’s profile.

Get ready to join

Housecat will be officially available to portfolio creators and investors in August. We’re incredibly excited to tell you more about Housecat, and have you participate in the upcoming launch. While we’re doing some final testing on the platform, we’ve started onboarding the first set of managers to get comfortable on the platform. If you’re interested in creating an asset portfolio on Housecat, please reach out to us directly!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to share more about the platform's technicalities and the vision for Housecat. If you’re interested in being the first to subscribe to the marketplace, please make sure you’ve joined our waitlist. We also invite you to follow us on Twitter and join the conversation on our Discord.

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