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Introducing Housecat

Ville Vesterinen

16 February 2022 min read

We wanted a product that didn’t exist so we decided to build it. The majority of existing asset management products don’t work for the millions of users who will eventually take crypto into the mainstream. Our mission is to democratize the best crypto investment strategies and empower anyone to become an asset manager.

With Housecat we can all access the best investment opportunities in crypto without expert knowledge by mirroring successful asset managers with our money. All an interested investor needs to do is to link their wallet, specify the investment amount and within seconds their money is managed alongside leading asset managers. Easily tapping into the best investment opportunities in crypto sits at the heart of the product we’re building at Housecat.

In turn, anyone can become an asset manager by leveraging their skills to gain a following and earn fees. The asset managers don’t need to manage anyone’s assets since investors’ funds just mirror the manager's wallet but they can still benefit from management and performance fees.

What is Housecat

Housecat is an open-source infrastructure and a platform that allows users to mirror the trades and DeFi-actions of other participants. We’re first building on Polygon and will start out with the tokens that have the most liquidity. The smart contracts will be decentralized and trustless in line with the best DeFi protocols.

We believe crypto presents a unique potential for all individuals to participate in global wealth creation and an opportunity to invest in the next big technology stories that shape our future. Despite the vast potential, the ability of most users to access the best investment opportunities and strategies is limited due to their technical nature and the difficulty of following an industry that is moving at lightning speed.

Housecat was founded to change this and widen access to crypto and DeFi by enabling everyone to invest in the best crypto investment strategies. We’re designing an intuitive mirror trading experience and an easy-to-use interface for portfolio management.

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Late 2021, we raised $3.5 million from some of the most respected venture funds including BlueYard, Inflection, Notation, 3KVC and a number of notable angel investors to build out the product.

We’re a small team with big ambitions, spread across Helsinki, Berlin and Zug.

Who is Housecat for

Fund managers and investors will both benefit from Housecat. At launch, we’re planning to have a group of handpicked and vetted fund managers with a crypto investing track record. If you’re a fund manager, please reach out. We’d love to hear from you and potentially have you as one of our featured fund managers when we launch.

Anyone can be an investor regardless of how much or little they know about crypto. We have built Housecat for ourselves and for everyone like us who would like to tap into the incredible financial opportunity that is crypto but who don’t have time or the technical expertise to follow all the different projects, tokens and investment opportunities. Whether you have yet to buy your first coins or have been staking, investing, lending or otherwise deep in DeFi, Housecat is for you.

When are you launching

We will start onboarding the first investors during the coming months. Going forward, we’ll start also talking in more detail about what we’re building and how you can benefit so stay tuned and spread the word.

Widening access to economic opportunity that crypto presents is worth fighting for and we’d love your help. Fund managers, let’s talk. If you're a curious investor, please follow us on Twitter, join our Discord or spread the word on your favorite podcast, newsletter or platform of choice. For the most ambitious, please consider joining our team.

Ville Vesterinen

Founder & CEO

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