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Showcase your crypto portfolio by connecting your wallet, share it with your followers and earn fees when they subscribe to it.

Connect your Twitter account and see the crypto portfolios of the people you follow.

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Managing your crypto has never been more effortless. With Housecat, you can mirror trades of any non-custodial wallet.

Just select an amount and smart contracts will allocate the funds and make trades automatically in the background.

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Built on Polygon

Housecat is currently available on the Polygon chain.

We will be soon adding new chains and tokens to cover the most interesting assets from bluechips to more exotic tokens.

Investing in crypto with Housecat is effortless

Diversification made easy

Discover interesting strategies and subscribe to the best-performing traders you trust.

Fully non-custodial

Housecat is a fully non-custodial service. You're always in control of your funds.

Instant withdrawals

No time-locks or delays, you can withdraw your funds at any time.

Wide selection of tokens

Housecat supports tokens ranging from blue-chip tokens to more niche ones.

Easy onboarding

Top up your account with a credit card or use an existing MetaMask wallet.

Find people you know

Connect your Twitter and YouTube accounts to find people you know on Housecat.

Frequently asked questions

Just connect your non-custodial crypto wallet or login with an email. After that you will be redirected to create your own profile on Housecat.
Simply connect your wallet in Polygon network to the platform to buy, hold, and sell assets in your own non-custodial wallet. The token portfolio allocation that you have in your wallet is what will be automatically mirrored in the wallets of your subscribers via Housecat smart contracts. Please visit here to see a list of tokens that Housecat supports.

At the moment, it’s not possible to create a portfolio that can be subscribed if you signed up with an email address.
You can easily subscribe to any portfolio on Housecat simply by clicking “Subscribe to portfolio” button on a profile page.
You can withdraw your funds at any time to your own crypto wallet.
Housecat is a non-custodial service, meaning that we don’t store our customers’ login information in our databases or have access to your funds. The funds are stored in decentralized smart contracts. The service currently runs on Polygon, which enables us to have safe on-chain transactions.
The decentralized finance ecosystem relies on open source smart contracts. Housecat V1 is reviewed by security researchers and we have formal audits booked for the near future. We always encourage you to use discretion when investing with an emerging technology.

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